Renault-Steele PhotoI am a PhD candidate in the Doctoral Program in Philosophy at Villanova University and a board member of the international journal Evental Aesthetics. This is fall, I look forward to joining the Department of Philosophy at Le Moyne College as a Visiting Assistant Professor. My research combines the resources of feminist philosophies with French and German critical theory in the aesthetic analysis of film, new media, and most recently, urban space.

My dissertation is on the Weimar era work of Siegfried Kracauer: a prolific and iconoclastic cultural critic who orbited the Frankfurt School before his canonization in the American academy as a film theorist. I argue Kracauer’s early critical theory can be rediscovered as a feminist philosophical method. A short dissertation abstract can be found here.

I primarily teach courses in Continental Philosophy and the History of Philosophy, but I also lead interdisciplinary courses in Film and Visual Culture, as well as Writing and Composition. Descriptions of my recent course offerings can be found here.

I can be reached at srenau01@villanova.edu. My profile at academia.edu is here.